Monday, March 5, 2012

Readers, What do YOU Think?

I’m not an older person. A woman in her mid-twenties, I have lived through a LOT! I was glued to my TV for the funeral of Ronald Regan. I watched the coverage of Princess Diana and her tragic death. I watched as the Twin Towers fell and our country grieved. I’ve seen cassettes replaced by CDs and then CDs by MP3 players. I witnessed the first black president elected, and I even think I was alive when Challenger went down. What I want to know is what do you deem to be the most memorable time in your existence? When diesel gas was expensive at $1.15 a gallon? When the internet came into existence? Tell me what you think.

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  1. Twin towers is the most memorable thing I can think of, and gas hitting $3. That's about all for me. My memory isn't the best. ;)

  2. Twin Towers... and the "Green" or rather the "make me more money" initiative.