Saturday, March 3, 2012

Party Lines?

Hey folks. I've been reading a lot in my local news about the Republican race for President. I had a thought. What the royal TRUCK are we doing??

How many of you out there just vote party lines? How many of you out there vote for a candidate because of their religion? I'm from Utah. You know I'm talking about Mitt Romney and John Huntsman. Now, John Huntsman has dropped out, and honestly, good riddance. But Mitt Romney is still in the running, and I'm worried that he will get elected not because he's a good candidate, but because he's LDS/Mormon. This year's race has been all about religion. Now I haven't been following it as closely as some people, but I get the Salt Lake Tribune and honestly, I'm scared.

The Washington Post has posted an article about Mitt Romney and the Occupy Wall Street Protesters. Feel free to watch it here. Now the Washington Post is notorious for being incredibly liberal and leftist. But COME ON!! I agree with the protesters that the rich will continue to get richer and they will do anything in the world to stick it to us. From offshore accounts to tax shelters and circumventing the laws causing unsafe workplaces, etc. these guys are screwing us. Mitt Romney is quoted telling the Occupy Wall Street Protesters that they were "less than American," and that they "were the reason our country is so bad." WTF?!

Are we really paying attention to the candidates? I, personally, don't give a rats behind about who has a girlfriend on the side, or who is this religion or that one. I give a crap about their track record. It aggravates me that someone would try to slander someone's religion, their families, and other truly non-relevant crap just so they could climb a few points higher in one poll vs another. Can we get past the crap that is thrown in our faces and see people for who they really are? Can we?

Honestly, I think it's time to elect a non-traditional candidate. In debates that matter to this country, there are only two parties represented. Can you guess what they are? Oh yeah, Democrats and Republicans. An Independent cannot get elected in this country. Not for President. The only way for a person outside of the aforementioned parties is to be like the show "Commander in Chief" (now canceled). She, (yes she), is an Independent that was added to a Republican ticket as Vice President. The Vice President dies suddenly and guess who steps in. Yeah, that's right. It's epic, and unfortunately, it ended in the first season. Honestly thought, think about it. That is the ONLY way someone can truly ignore "party lines" and focus on the issues that THEY give a crap about. Not the party the represent. Not that Lobbyist that are in the pocket of EVERY politician and/or political party.

Can we just take a step back and look good and hard at what's really going on?? Yes? Is it actually possible??

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