Monday, May 18, 2009

Wholesome TV?

Do you ever notice how hard it is to find a program that your entire family can watch that you'd enjoy too that didn't have sexual innuendo or violence? I do.

They say the flood gates opened for the movies with 'Gone with the Wind.' That makes sense to me. It was the first movie to swear in it, and only one word too. Did you know that when that came out it was rated R? Now it seems like they are allowing more trash out into the theaters and giving it a better rating. Most cinema photographers will intentionally put stuff in their movies so it will be rated PG-13. Like if any of you remember Spiderman 1. They had a scene where the bad guy blew up come civilians and their bodies turned to bones. Not needed to help the story line along, but maybe to help the rating a little bit. And more and more lately you see movies with no story lines and just sex this, underwear that, boobs, etc. They have movies like 'American Pie' that had to be edited so it could be rated R. They released the Un-Rated version shortly after. I could go on too, National Lampoon, any thing with Ryan Reynolds in it. If you want something family oriented, you look for PG, or G right? Not really. G means general audience. It means the kids will like it and you can trust them to go there alone. BUT, it means that it is for kids and families. So if you want to watch something with the smut left behind, then you have to watch something 2 year olds or parents with young families would like.

Do you know which TV drama opened the flood gates for TV? Would you believe it's NYPD Blue? Now me personally I have never seen it, but I do watch other dramas like Law & Order, CSI, and House. You can usually get good quality story lines without too much smut, but you have to watch carefully. If your kids start asking too many questions you don't want to answer yet, then you have to find new favorite shows.

I know there is something to be said for parental responsibility and Network censorship, but if there wasn't as much smut on TV it is this author's opinion that there would be less sexually based crimes in the world. They watch it on TV and think it's so cool that they try to duplicate it in real life. Same with a bunch of other types of entertainment sources. But that, that is another blog to be written...

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