Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pool Trama

So yesterday I was at the pool doing my swim lessons; standard day. I spent extra time practicing at the pool, and it was late when I got out. So, I guess you will need to know that my lock is a key lock. I had hid my keys in another locker so I would not lock them inside the locker. When I came out, my keys were GONE. No one had seen them, and the front desk had no keys turned in. My sister just happened to be there for her water aerobics class, so she loaned me her shoes, sweater, and keys so I could take her car to get my husband's keys and get my stuff out of the locker. Husband's keys were no where to be seen! I was PISSED! He thought I had them in my purse maybe. So I jumped in the car and went back to the pool.

I had to get the bolt cutters from the office to get my stuff out. The cutters went all the way through 5 times, and it still didn't cut off. Shows you the strength of a Brinks lock I guess. So, when the lock finally came off my keys were no where to be seen. I had a mild freak out, and I opened every locker in the room. The lockers on the outside didn't have my keys. Then I started on the center lockers. I NEVER used the center lockers because that locker room doesn't have changing rooms and I didn't want to be exposed when I discreetly changed from my swimsuit to street clothes. I thought at the time, "When I'm done checking these lockers, maybe Karen will give me a ride home or something." Guess where I found my keys. About three lockers into the center row section. The main thought that ran through my head was, "How did they get there? I know I didn't put them there. Maybe I did but spaced it; I doubt it."

Karen had asked me to come let her know, so I met her at the hot tub after class. She thought that maybe some random kid took them and hid them. I mean, there were a lot of kids and teenagers in the pool, and it was the right time for a lot of kids to get out and go home. It's something I can believe. I waisted a great lock for no reason.Grr.

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