Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yumminess in a Bowl!

Hey all of you out there in blog land. I have the best salad to share with you today. I know this recipe because my mother used to make it all the time. We usually don't eat the dinner salad my mom prepared so there was always leftovers. Mom would take the salad and spruce it up. The best thing is you can do anything with it and all the ingredients can be found in your cupboard tonight. So, here we go.

Get your self a salad. A salad kit you have to use before it goes bad, the leftover salad from your lunch that your wojust didn't want the waiter to take, or the salad from last night that your kids just wouldn't eat. Whatever you have it will work. Now you're gonna want to add 1-2 cans of tuna. If you don't have tuna, you can add left over turkey from Thanksgiving, or lunch meat, or even chick peas or tofu for a vegetarian option. Add more veggies if you see fit. Now you want to add 2-4 tablespoons of mayo or dressing (aka Miracle Whip), and give it a quick toss. If you have tuna with oil (which I do NOT recommend because of the calories and what not), don't bother draining it. The oil from your mayo will blend with the oil from the tuna and it will give you a better coat. Like I said though, use the tuna with water in it because it works better, calories aside.

Now that everything is tossed up, you're done right? Nope. Grab yourself some nuts or crackers. Whatever you have will work. I've used saltines, ritz, cheez-its, pistachios, chocolate covered pecans, whatever. Give t he nuts a quick chop, and toss them on top. If you opt for crackers, (like I usually do), crush them with your hands and top your salad with them. If you want, now's the chance for a quick toss. And you're done! Serve with garlic bread, or by itself. I made this the other night, but my camera was broken so no pictures. If you try this, send me some pictures. I'll post them here for you. Enjoy!

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