Saturday, December 10, 2011

Politically Incorrect

Can I just say something real quick? This may not be the place to post this, but heck, it's my blog.

Went into Walmart to buy some Christmas wrapping paper the other day. I didn't want "Happy Holidays" or Santa. I wanted Christmas. The only object that had Merry Christmas on it was one box in a set of 10. I had to even search for a Nativity too! What the heck!?!

If a Jewish person walks up to me and tells me, Happy Chanukah, I'm in. I'll Happy Chanukah right back. If someone wishes me a happy Kwanzaa, I'll "Happy Made-Up Holiday" right back. When has going Politically Correct gone too far? Now. It's gone too far, Retailers, if you're not Christian, then we won't buy trees, or celebrate Christmas. I can deal with the Jewish wrapping paper if you can. It's just too, dang, far.

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