Monday, November 21, 2011


Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Thanksgiving related post that does not refer to cooking or center pieces? It's nearly impossible! Not that it's a bad thing to talk about food, but how many other sites out there are doing Thanksgiving recipes this week? Uh, all of them!

I did find this site that gives cool facts on Thanksgiving including Canadian Thanksgiving. Click Here for more info.

I couldn't keep away from the crafty Thanksgiving things. This one is only for kids, those that have kids, and those that never grew up (which is not necessarily a good thing people). Try these crafty Thanksgiving items with a child you love or one that loves you. Try it here.

For those of you not planning on playing football and instead curling up with a great movie, I found this site that could help. It contains 20 movies that are streaming on Netflix for your family watching delight. Here's the link.

Thanks to for all the groovy (oh yes, Groovy. I did go there), Thanksgiving sites. Until next time bloggers!

PS: Post your Thanksgiving pics here and I will load them up to next week's page.

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