Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today in Geek History

Today is October 25th and today in Geek History...

1924 Billy Barth, The Lord of the Rings (1978 version), Legend, Masters of the Universe, WIll, UHF, and Radioland Murders is born.

1950 John Matuszak, known for playing Sloth in The Goonies as well as a stored NFL career, is born in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Everyone do the Truffle Shuffle in his honor.

1985 Doc and Marty travel back in time. It's not the day the movie was release but the ACTUAL day that Marty met Doc and tested their Flux Capacitor.

In related news, according to tabloid news site TMZ, the first pair of Back to the Future, Marty McFly Nike's were sold to an anonymous winner, with the proceeds going to Micheal J Fox's Parkinson Disease Foundation. See the full story here. I mean they're cool, but they don't even tie themselves yet. Check them out. (Link to where I got the pic here. Gotta be legal and all.)

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