Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Find

Hello any blog readers out there.

Halloween is almost upon us. It sure crept up this year didn't it? I love Halloween. It is my favorite holiday. When else do you get to get dressed up and go knocking at strangers' doors, begging for candy? With very few exceptions, I have been trick-or-treating every year since I can remember. I'm in my mid-twenties, and I am STILL planning on going trick-or-treating, except, this time with my 3-year old.

Experts say that if you are going to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, you should wait until there is less than a week left for optimal pumpkin quality. Guess what people? There's only 6 days until Halloween!! I have been searching online for some Halloween Stencils so I could get my carve on without much luck. I can't stand doing something simple or traditional so it hasn't been an easy search. Finally, I found what I am looking for!!

Hershey's Blog has many stencils from beginners all the way to advanced. For the geek in us all, ThinkGeek.com has had their fellow geeks submit Geeky Pumpkin Templates for the public to enjoy. I even submitted a few of them. And finally, for those that want to carve something truly original TMZ has pumpkin ideas in the shape of your favorite celebrities.

If any if you are planning on carving a pumpkin, post the picture here. I will make a gallery of it. Just make sure you note where you got your stencil from if you download one. Gots to be legal and all. Enjoy!!

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