Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Blog Direction

Hello People of the World Wide Nets.

I haven't been blogging for a while because I've been trying to find a new direction to take this blog. Honestly, I haven't found much that people would actually like to read. My sister is a blogger and runs a very successful blog, (you can find it by Clicking Here). With her guidance, I have decided to make a daily (or at least weekly) post about the cool, random, and kinda WTF stuff I find online.

How many of you out there are geeks, know a geek, or loves a geek? There's a lot more than you'd expect. A few years back, my husband introduced me to The have some of the most interesting things for sale. From Zombie Gear, over 20 Bacon related objects, T-Shirts and more!!

Now, I have many favorite items on this website (Christmas Hint Family! :D), but my current favorite is their Star Wars Chopsabers. As the name implies, they are chopsticks in the form of light sabers. I'm a geek I guess, but they are SO cool! A local comic book store near my house called Hajomaje sells them, and I've been quietly saving my pennies in order to get them. I would just go out tonight and buy them, but being an adult means I have to be accountable for the money I make and do things with it like buy food and pay bills. (Was that a huge run on sentence or was it just me, hehe :D).

My favorite things on their site changes as quickly as they can bring new things out. I check the site weekly, follow them on Twitter (@thinkgeek), and even get a weekly newsletter in a day and age where 'Weekly Newsletter' is often just a synonymy for 'Spam from us? Can we sell your email address to third-world Princes that need help recovering their money?'. Not Think Geek. They've never sold my info or sent me any unwanted emails. I asked them to send me email; it wasn't automatically sent.

As fast as I can find it, I will be posting new and cool things on this website. I hope you guys find this option better than my rantings in my older posts. Read, comment, ENJOY!!

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