Monday, October 17, 2011

Computers Are Fun to Destroy

How many of you have encountered this situation?

You're working on your computer, writing a report that you need for school or work. You go to save it, and you get one of the vague Windows "Fatal Exception" errors. All your work is now gone forever!! "It's okay because I saved it as I went," you think. But alas, it is truly gone. I've done that many times before. After the initial shock wears off, I've wanted to throw my computer out a window. But since I can't afford a new computer, and I can't seem to live without one, I cannot. So you have two options, either take your computer out to your back yard with a 12-gauge shotgun and take your chances like my co-worker Ray does, or click here. I find that this link is also quite helpful after talking to a client at work that just doesn't have a clue. If you could reach through the phone and strangle them, they would be very injured right now.

A tip for the link: Click Everywhere. You never know what might work!

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