Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Find of the Day

Have you ever lost your phone? If you don't answer yes, you either don't have one, or it's super glued to your hand.

I lose my phone all the time. I used to lose it the most when I lived in Taylorsville, but to call my cell from my landline phone was long distance. If only I knew about this website then, I would have saved myself a LOT of trouble.

Ican'tfindmyphone.com uses Skype, (a free internet based phone company), to call your phone for you. You don't hear anything through your computer's speakers, which makes it easier to located a device that's accidentally stuck between your couch cushions. I sometimes even use it as an alarm to remind my hubs to give my son his meds.

If you use the service, and then answer your phone, you get a cool little recording that says, "I guess you found your phone using I Can't Find My Phone.com. Have a great day!" Just perks you right up. Enjoy!

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