Friday, April 15, 2011

NYPD Pizzeria

On Friday, my family and I went to NYPD Pizzeria in Layton to celebrate my new job and my first paycheck. Now, this resturant had been advertised all over the radio, and it was fairly new and I had high expations. Here's how it went...

Walk in and it was busy, but we got a table right away. The tables were small tables the kind intended for only two people to sit at. They were pushed togheter to get groups of four plus and larger, but here's the thing. I don't know if this is true of everyone, but I like to have all the chairs at my table, and a table behind me for my comfort level. Since there was a large party in the area, they had rearanged my table, and stolen my chairs. That shouldn't be a big dea but with the amount of time I spent waiting for my food, it was. I mean, I just felt exposed. Like if a criminal came to rob the place, his bullet trajectory is right at my back. Not that anyone robbed the place, but I'm sure you know how I feel.

The resturant itself was small. I know the space was used for something different receintly, but if it's not the right fit, don't rent it. The walls were school bus yellow (though not as intence), and fire engine red (again, not as intence as a fire engine). It was EXTREMELY over decorated in my opinion. Like, you know when you want to do a good job at something, but it winds up being too busy and you have no where for your eyes to land. That's how it was decorated. They tried to theme NYPD, with NYC itself. In my opinion, they should have chosen to decorate in either NYPD, OR NYC. Blending both was just too much. Me being who I am, I liked the fact that I sat right next to the World Trade Center pictures with the firemen and the flag from Ground Zero. On my way to the bathroom (which was SUPER small), I noticed a bunch of "Budweiser proudly supports our..." signs with one for every branch of the military including the Coast Guard. Why would you stick these wonderful pictures down a hall where people aren't going to see them?If they do, probally won't pay enough attention to really see what they are looking at. They should be in the forefront of the resturant.

The menu was two pages; with pictures. The only had soda, water, or alcholic beverages like wine and beer. They didn't even have milk for kids. The majority of resturants I've gone to have milk for kids even if it's not on the menu. We ordered water, and ask the waiter where the kids menu was. Apparently, our hostest had forgotten to bring it to us. He did promptly get one, and I'm letting that one slide because they were very busy. It was an decent menu for a pizza place I guess. Lots of pizzas to choose from plus some pastas, and calzones, and what not. We got a pizza called [some random girl's name] blanca. It was a cheese pizza with white sauce and it was $25+. And since it came with no toppings, I put eggplant on it. Why not? What frustrated me, was the fact that an XL pizza that cost $25 came without toppings, and in order to have them, I had to pay additional moneys to get them.

Pizza took a long time to get out of the kitchen. I mean, they were busy, but I was hungry. They sent the salad right away, but it took a bit for Xavier's meal to come, so he was eating off of our plates for a while. The house salad was okay, but the Caesar was just iceberg lettuce, some kind of cheese, crouton (which I don't usually eat anyways), and sauce that was OOBER heavy. And if only to add insult to injury, the salad was served on the smallest plates I'd ever seen, and they cost about $4.00! For that crummy thing?

When Xavier's meal finally came, Paul and I had been finished with our salads for some time. So, of course we picked in X's meal. Now, for an accurate description of this, I'm gonna need you to think back to your childhood. Remember crinkle cut fries? The ones that come from the freezer that some mothers (not mine, at least, not often) got for their kids when they didn't want to cook. Those were his fries. Now, remember that they were often soggy, or extremely dry, (you could have used it to build a house), or maybe a combo of both? I was happily surprised that his were cooked well, hot, and just crisp enough. His chicken fingers did not look like McDonald's chicken nuggets, (which made me very happy), they came out hot, (maybe too hot), and the portions were actually deceit for a change. Of course I tasted it, and for being breaded, it was really quite good.

When X was finishing up his food, our server came by with a stand for our pie to sit on. I thought "Finally, we'll be able to eat soon." You'll remember, it had been quite a time that we finished our salads when X's food came. By now, he was nearly finished and X wasn't gonna just give us what was left of his meal. Now I may be exaggerating this, but I'm convinced it took another 15-20 minutes for our pie to finally arrive once the stand was set on our table. That's just ridiculous. When it finally came I noticed that it was a big pizza, and they slices were cut generously. Being a New York pizza, I had to fold my slice and eat it. This was a GOOD pie! And it did fill us up with only 2-4 slices left. And for never having eggplant before, let alone on a pizza, it was quite good. I do want to note that the way the pie is setup on their plate, had it sliding all over the place when you try to get a slice. I had to save a few pieces that were determined to land on the floor a time or two. Tongs would be better, but you get what you get I guess.

On the way out, we ordered two cannoli to go. OMG they were SO good!! The three of us shared one, and it was just a flaky, creamy, overly powered sugared DELIGHT! (Chokingly over powdered, but to each their own). You can tell that they don't stuff them right away because they are so fall-aparty, (it's a word now), and just as fresh as can be. I put the other one in the fridge, and over night it softened, and wasn't nearly as good. If you buy cannoli, make sure they are fresh when you go to eat them. Tons better.

So I guess in conclusion, I wouldn't go there again to sit and eat. They do offer call ahead orders to go, and maybe I'd pick up a pie from there if I have a special occasion. Not any time soon, 'cause they be expensive!!

Anyways...that's just me. Judge for yourself.

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