Monday, April 4, 2011

First Day of Work

So for those that don't know, I started my first day of work today. It was for the DoD (Department of Defence) at Unisys. I get there, and it's cold, and I forgot my coat, and I'm waiting in a barely heated guard shack with four other people that started that day. Turns out, only one of them would be joining the team that I am on. Our guide, Scott (my supervisor) picks us up, and he leads up through this maze of doors, badge beeps, and stairwells. Suddenly he turns a corner, and we're in our section. Before I can make head or tails of where I am, we are assigned seats, headphones, and Y-Jacking with people. Uh...What just happened?

From 7 AM -1130 or so, I am simply sitting with David, and listening to him take calls. It was very slow for a Monday, and I didn't hear more than about a dozen calls. He's good, (though not the greatest typist), and I felt nearly ready to take calls myself. Or, at least, input the data. (I would go into detail, but it's classified, seriously). Then suddenly we're whisked away to work on...something, and I spend the next 2.5 hours trying to reset my windows password. (I got around it at the end of the day EVENTAUALLY!!!). Jay was on Unisys messenger so he helped me a LOT!

After lunch, I realized that while I was resetting my password, my co-worker was taking a new hire orientation PowerPoint lesson. A-GUH! Scott came around and asked how I was doing, and I told him I was nearly done. Turns out, I hadn't even started!! I rush through it right as Scott leaves for the day (my work day not yet ending), and I wind up with more than 45 minutes to go and nothing to do!

Shoot off an email to Paul, check my facebook, emails, (1, 2, and 3), and I still have 25-30 minutes. Try to sign up for benefits, (of course I'm not in the system yet), install Chrome on my compy (because IE SUCKS!!), and still have 15 minutes to go. I just sat there staring at my screen for the rest of the day. NO JOKE!

As I described it to my sister, my day was good, then crappy, then confusing, then good again. I really like that place, and if I could live off of cafeteria food, and vending machine snacks, (with endless money of course), I would. Just need to find a way to sleep under my desk...hmmm...

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