Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today in Geek History

Hey guys. Real quick before I get on with the post, The Biggest Loser is casting again! I'm heading down to the Utah casting shoot on July 14th. Who wants to join me? Today is July 3rd and today in Geek History...

1928 John Logie Baird demonstrates the first color television transmission. Can you imagine what life would have been like without TV?

1962 Tom Cruise celebrates his 50th birthday today. You may know him from such movies as Top Gun and Rock of Ages! He was born in Syracuse, New York.

1973 Patrick Wilson is born today in Norfolk Virginia. You may know him from Zack Snyder's Watchmen. Norfolk is a Navy town so it's likely that his family was military. Cool huh?

1985 The film, Back to the Future is released. It's a Robert Zemeckis film starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. So sad what's happened to Michael J Fox. Good guy.

1999 The first ever person to achieve the max score in Pac Man ws Billy Mitchell. He hails from Florida and it only took him 6 hours to get 3,333,360 points. WOAH.

2012 Andy Griffith, star of Matlock and The Andy Griffith Show died today at the age of 86. Sad day! My favorite thing he is in is a music video from Brad Paisley called "Waiting on a Woman." Watch it here.

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