Friday, April 20, 2012

Today in Geek History

Hey y'all. How's your Friday night going for you? On the 30th of April I will be guess blogging again for Measured by the Heart. Click on their cool button on the right to link to it. Speaking of buttons, don't forget to grab mine and throw it around, alright?

Today is April 20th and today in Geek History...

1871 The Civil Rights Act of 1871 becomes law. Also known as the Ku Klux Klan Act and formally titled An Act to enforce the Provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment, It helps provide equality for all the races. Enjoy your history lesson for the day.

1926 Western Electric and Warner Brothers announce a process to add sound to film. It is called Vitaphone.  Can you believe we didn't have sound in our videos until 1926?? Woah.

1937 George Takei of Star Trek TOS is born in Los Angeles California. He plays Sulu and he is EPIC. The only TOS actor to stay good looking IMO. Happy Birthday!

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  1. There's a thread in the fb group about trading buttons. Add your code and pick up some other peoples. It will spread your button a bit.