Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekly Find

Did you ever get one of those Facebook friends that like to show off all the pictures of kittens doing crazy things? Don't you just love those pics? Well, on my Facebook page, I subscribe to Clean Funny Pics, and they have some of the best photos ever! As recommended by a fellow blogger, here is digest of all the best the inter-webs has to offer. One of these pics is of my sister (or at least from my sister). See if you can figure out which one it is. **WARNING** Video link may aggravate seizures. You have been warned. (By the way, if you don't find them on Clean Funny Pics,,, and other such sites have the rest). ENJOY!

Sick of my pics yet? That's not even HALF of them too. If you want more, leave a comment and tell me so. I only went back to November and some of them aren't exactly "kid friendly." They like to swear. Let me know if you want them and I'll post them. LOVES!!

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