Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Guess what I found!

So for this week's little find, I decided not to do something Christmas related. If you wind up using this for Christmas, it's not on me. Just kidding.

Have you ever had a file that you couldn't open? It was a PDF that you needed to have opened in word, or a Open Office File that you needed converter to Doc or DocX? Well I have the solution. will allow you to convert your files into many formats from PDF to Doc to MP3. Instead of guessing which format to use, it suggests available formats based on your file. If you have pictures in your word doc, it may suggest JPEG for example.

Another great feature of this site is their URL link. Have you ever uploaded a You Tube video and had your computer crash causing you to loose your movies forever? If you locate your You Tube video and copy the url, you can get a downloaded copy of that video. But what if you only lost the MP3 you loaded into the video? You bought the CD and now it's too cracked to read, and you just want your MP3 back. You can link in the movie and select MP3 or MP4 and get your music file back. Isn't that cool?

Now there is a catch. You have to enter in an email address, and the free version only gives you 24 hours to retrieve your conversion. The link for your conversion is sent to your email within 1 hour. Also there is a size limit to what you can convert. If you have 32 MB of pics in one file, you might have issues. I never have though, and I use them all the time. Never had one piece of Spam either.

**DISCLAIMER** I don't know if it's legal to take documentation, a movie, or URL that you do not have permission to use and convert for personal or legal use. However, it's probably not a great idea. You have been warned.

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